Rules and regulations



We are pleased that we can welcome you and wish you a pleasant holiday!

For your convenience and safety, please observe the following rules:


1. Check-in begins at 14:30 and check-out ends at 10:30 the following day.

2. Upon arrival guests are required to present a valid document confirming their identity and to pay the accommodation fee.

3. For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to use in the rooms heaters, irons and other similar devices that are not part of the room or apartment equipment.

4. Please keep quiet from 22:00 till 7:00. Among other things, please silence the television sets.

5. Parents and / or guardians are fully responsible for themselves as well as their children moving around the facility and property, including the terraces, balcony and garden.

6. The guest should inform the owner about the occurrence of a breakdown or damage immediately after its detection.

7. Non-registered / non-renters may stay on the premises only with the consent of the owner.

8. Please do not move around the furniture and equipment that is in the room or apartment.

9. Guests are asked to maintain order in both the rooms and the common area, leave the room in a clean state and the guests of the apartment with a kitchen to clean the apartment before leaving.

10. Please be so kind as to not bring, prepare and consume food in the rooms of the facility. This point does not apply to the apartment with a kitchen. On the first floor there is a dining room where all necessary tableware is available for consumption of food.

11. It is forbidden to bring ski equipment (skis, poles, shoes) as well as bicycles to rooms and apartments. The facility has a separate room to keep this kind of equipment.

12. The guest of the object is financially liable for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the object resulting from his fault. Each parent and / or guardian is responsible for the damage caused by children. 

13. The owner is not responsible for the loss or damage of items brought by people using the services of the facility. The owner is not responsible for the loss or damage of valuables, money, cars, securities and items of scientific or artistic value. 

14. The owner may refuse to accept a guest who during the previous stay grossly violated the rules of the object causing damage to the property or guests or damage to the guests, employees or other people staying in the facility or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of guests or operation of the facility. 

15. In the facility and on the property there is a total NO SMOKING OF CIGARETTES and use of any other stimulants. Smoke detectors are installed in the facility, and the smoking guest will be charged for costs resulting from the intervention of external services. 

16. The stay of animals in the facility is not allowed.   The content of these regulations is available to all guests on the website: and in each rented room or apartment. 

17. CAUTION – prepayments are non-refundable.


These regulations are available to all guests on the website: and in each rented room or apartment.

Yours faithfully,  The owner of the “Pałacyk Szklarska”